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The Common GentCommon Gents Inc. is proud to release its highly anticipated first book The Common Gent: An Ordinary Guide for Extraordinary Purpose. This book is for boys in grades 6-12 with an emphasis on revealing the purpose within them by developing their potential in multiple areas of life. Purchase your copy exclusively through Common Gents. Each sale goes towards the creation and production of new content for the next generation of leaders.

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About Us

Common Gents Inc. is a non-profit partnership with area mentorship programs, schools, churches, and local organizations to increase the value of all communities through the next generation of boys in our neighborhoods. Common Gents creates and distributes groundbreaking, highly creative, and interactive content designed for boys grades 6-12 from all backgrounds with foundational principles in areas such as leadership, lifestyle, time management, and relationships. Common Gents also unpacks skills from the expertise and experience from men of influence and distinction in areas of academics, finance, employment, and household responsibilities. The purpose of Common Gents is to equip young men to be the best version of themselves and to positively influence their world.

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